Iskanov last exit tee

Andrey Iskanov  was born in 1976 in city of Khabarovsk, Russia. He studied in a medical institute, has taken a great interest in photographing images, and has made this business by the trade. In 1997 he received the award for achievements in the field of an advertising photo. His work has frequently appeared at personal exhibitions in Russia and in China . He has worked as a professional photographer/cinematographer for both films and advertisements, and as professional make-up artist and designer of special effects. His other professional work includes photographer for newspapers (“Arguments and the Facts”, “The Amur Meridian” etc.), and creator of portfolios and photo training for domestic and foreign models.

In 2003 he made two films for his fantasy/surreal serial HalluCinoGeNnN – Nails and Visions of Suffering. Nails is a social horror film in the style of Lynch’s Eraserhead and Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo. Visions of Suffering is supernatural, bizarre horror consistent with the author’s concept of “film-dream”.

In 2008, Iskanov made the over four-hour-long film Philosophy of a Knife, a disturbing historical film about Japanese Unit 731 and their cruel human experiments against Chinese and Russians. The film was officially banned in Germany and all copies were confiscated.

Iskanov’s feature film Ingression (2009) premiered at BUT Film Festival in Netherlands, and received “WHITE LADY AWARD” at HOFF in Estonia, along with Tetsuo: The Bullet Man by Shinya Tsukamoto.

His latest film Visions of Suffering: Final Director’ Cut became a best seller on DVD in Europe and won “AUDIENCE AWARD” at SADIQUE MASTER FILM FESTIVAL (FRANCE, 2018) and “BEST MAKE UP AND SPECIAL EFFECTS AWARD” at PHENOMENA FILM FESTIVAL (BRAZIL, 2018)

As an actor, Iskanov appeared in many indie films including The Super by Evan Makrogiannis and Brian Weaver and big-budget international projects as The Conformist by Shangjun Cai.